Prayag Raj is one of the most populated and the oldest cities of the state of Uttar Pradesh in the Northern region of India. Previously this place was called as "Allahabad" before being renamed back to its ancient name "Prayag Raj" by State Government of Uttar Pradesh in November 2018. Allahabad has received its name after the religion 'Din - e - Illahi' that was started by the Mughal Emporer Akbar in the Allahabad fort. Word Pragaya means in Sanskrit the place where offerings are made. Prayag is a very significant place and a number of events are related to this place in various religious texts.

The rivers of Ganga and Yamuna merge at this city with the river of knowledge Saraswati, this Sangam of the three rivers is very much important for the world's oldest religious faiths, now known as Hinduism. Apart from the religious background, this city is also a hub of various educational institutions. A large number of students, arrive at allahabad from various places in order to prepare for various entrance examinations. The coaching institutes in this city which are mainly functional near the Allahabad University campus are the targets of the students who come to this city to build their careers in Government sector.

A number of coaching institutes also help students to make their careers as engineers of IIT and as Medical professionals in various PMTs. Apart from the careers in the field of science, Allahabad has given birth to a number of artists, actors, poets, thinkers and politicians. This city has always been a hostspot in the movement of stuggle for Indian Independence. This city is hoping to get in the race of developent in order to become like one of the metro cities of India as per the plans of the State Government.

Allahabad has a great scope for SEZ and Mulinational companies, since it is a great hub of Engineering and Medical colleges which produce a good amount of engineers in various fields. These engineers, who are very good technically, can be trained in a professional manner and employed in various organizations to develop the place further. Companies dealing with different fields can plan to invest in this city, so the youth of the city could get an oppertunity to gain employement near their home towns, and the companies could get manpowers with lesser investments as compared to Metro cities.